Medical Device Cable Assemblies

Strand specializes in unique, precision wire and cable assemblies for the Medical Device Market. Strand has the ability to assemble a wide variety of medical device products, including complex turnkey components requiring Clean Room assembly, detailed procedures, high tolerances, and comprehensive testing.

FDA Registered – Medical Devices

Stranded cable diameters may range from .003″ up to .188″ and may include materials such as stainless, nitinol, inconel, tungsten, and titanium.

FDA Registered – #3004869378


CLASS 10K Cleanroom Capabilities include:

Our Class 10K Cleanroom Capabilities – Full Range of Assembly Services to Medical OEM’s

Strand Products offers a full range of assembly services to Medical OEM’s in order to produce innovative and cost-effective products. We are dedicated to producing documented quality medical assemblies, on time, at a competitive price.

Swaging and Crimping
Flash Cutting
Certified Testing
Proof Loading
Passivation and Ultrasonic Cleaning
Engraving and Marking
Vacuum Packaging & Bar Coding

Check out an example of one of our turnkey products- the SurgiWire Incisionless Dissector manufactured for MicroAire Surgical.

Medical Device Cable Assembly Services:

Strand Products, Inc. Medical Cable Assemblies

Strand Provides a wide range of mechanical cable assembly products and services for Flight, Medical, Defense, Industrial and custom assemblies

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Medical Cable
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Medical Wire Assembly
Medical Cable Assembly
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