Over 50 Years of Experience

Strand Products, Inc, previously based in Santa Barbara, CA, in February of 2021 grew into a larger facility in Ventura, CA

The founders of Strand Products dove into the market as a grassroots company today have blossomed into a global provider in the design and fabrication of high-tolerance custom mechanical wire, wire rope, and cable assemblies for diverse and demanding applications.

Over 50 Years of Experience in Effectively Managing our Knowledge Base to Support Our Clients

For over 50 years Strand has committed itself to nurture a collaborative culture dedicated to continual learning and improvement. We have become experts at controlling a multitude of simultaneous projects by effectively managing our knowledge database. We value and support both the small prototype and high volume production customers equally, and guarantee you will receive the support and guidance you deserve.

Mission Statement

To be the most innovative, highest quality mechanical wire and cable assembly partner.
To advance social and scientific progress through medical device, aerospace, and other technologies.

Leadership Team

Wes Prunckle

President & CEO/
Board Chairman / Trustee

Susana Loewe

CFO, Executive Director
People & Culture.

Jim Wilson

Board Director, Former CEO
Former Co-Trustee & Chairman

Raman Venkat

Board Director

Carroll Barrymore

Board Director

Elsa Delgado

Accounting & HR Supervisor

Phillip Dybedal

Customer Service Manager

Jon Patterson

Engineering Manager

Fred Mercado

Operations Manager

Pedro Chavez

Production Lead

Shirley Malit

Production Lead
Chico Rodriguez

Chico Rodriguez

Production Supervisor

Clementina Flores

Production Supervisor

Maribel Alfaro

Production Supervisor

Jim Avery

Quality Assurance Manager
Ashley Mullikin Supply Chain

Ashley Mullikin

Supply Chain
Sarah Waltrip

Sarah Waltrip

Supply Chain