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Strand Products, Inc. is a world leader in development and manufacture of high tolerance precision mechanical wire and cable assemblies.

Custom Cable Assembly From Prototype to Manufacture Cable Assembly

We are accustomed to building prototype and high volume orders of standard and unique materials. Cable may be stranded in custom configurations, cut to length, and coated. Assemblies may have numerous swaged fittings, be laser welded, and require extensive testing.

Send us your CAD drawing, or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements with our engineers.

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Overview and Materials

Cable and Wire Materials:

302, 304, 305, 316, Titanium, Brass, Nitinol, Inconel, MP35N, Elgiloy, Tungsten, GFRPs, Carbon Fiber, Vectran, Dyneema, Kevlar, galvanized aircraft cable, commercial grade stainless, stainless aircraft cable

Cable Coatings, Shrink Tube, and Conduit:


Fitting Materials:

302, 303, 303se, 304, 316, Titanium, Elgiloy, 17-4PH, 1018, 12L14