Advanced Mechanical Wire & Cable Assembly™

Beaded Wire System (BWSTM) is a repeatable and controlled process for creating a homogenous, undifferentiated spherical bead at the end of a wire, rod, or tube. The bead of this system provides a secure attachment point without the need to incorporate external hardware – eliminating undesirable weight or friction in a system. With precision tooling, the size of this beaded end can be accurately controlled to meet high tolerance requirements for a wide array of applications.



Having a superior mechanical advantage, the bead can be received into a mating pocket and act as a push-pull wire or ball joint. The round feature can prevent tears and scratches on part surfaces that it may come in contact with during application or assembly.

Common applications include:

  • Fluoroscopy

  • Steerable Catheters

  • Upper Limb Prosthetic

  • Robotic Arms
  • Angioplasty Guidewires
  • Endoscopes


  • Streamline biocompatibility applications as the beaded end is formed from its source material.

  • Reduce costs and lead time through simplifying product supply chain and minimal scrap rate.
  • Bead diameters are easily modified since all processing occurs in house.

  • Allow bead formation without machined secondary terminals.
  • Metallurgical bond produces reliable tensile properties.
# Material Diameter (in) Bead End
Diameter (in)
Strength (lbf)
1 Super Elastic
Nitinol Wire
0.010 OD 0.025 7.8
2 304 SS Wire 0.030 OD 0.050 106.6
3 Super Elastic
Nitinol Wire
0.020 OD 0.035 37.3
4 Titanium 6Al-4V
ELI Wire
0.016 OD 0.030 31.9
5 304 SS Hypotube 0.042 OD,
0.022 ID
0.060 21.4
6 304V SS Wire 0.015 OD 0.025 47.3


  • All processing performed in ISO class-7 clean room.

  • Optional passivation per ASTM A967 and ultra-sonic cleaning.
  • Packaged clean ready for use in your clean room facility.

  • Process capability analysis available at request.

  • Where applicable, secondary processing can be employed to increase tensile strength.


  • Maximum bead diameter limited to approximately 2.5x base material diameter.
  • Tensile strength reduction to approximately 40-60%, and up to 80% for certain process techniques, relative to breaking strength of cables.

Strand Products, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high tolerance mechanical wire and stranded cable assembly. Assemblies utilize stranded and single filar wire from ø.0003ʺ to ø.3123ʺ in. diameter. Materials include Nitinol, Stainless, Tungsten, Elgiloy, Inconel, Brass, and various polymers. Industries include medical, aerospace, automotive, and defense. In-house capabilities include design, testing, process validation, cleanroom assembly, crimping, swaging, laser & plasma welding, passivation, barcoding and packaging. Certifications held include AS9100 ISO9001:2015,

QML-6117, FDA, and ITAR. To learn more, please visit