Welding and Flash Cutting

Strand Products utilizes automated and manual wire and cable cutting equipment. This enables us to minimize tooling expense and lead times to deliver your production and prototype orders fast. Automated flash cutting equipment enables us to cut to length and fuse ends closed to eliminate fraying and maximize ease of assembly. Our automated shear cutting equipment processes coated cables to length.

Our laser welding equipment can be used to cut cable to length, vary weld terminations, and perform various joining procedures.

We process bare and coated stranded cables from Ø0.003” to Ø0.875”

Automated In-house welding and cutting equipment:

    • Flash Cutting
    • Shear Cutting
    • Laser Welding

Types of Welding:

    • Cable Laser Weld
    • Wire Laser Weld
    • Wire Rope Laser Weld
    • Cable Plasma Weld
    • Wire Plasma Weld
    • Wire Rope Plasma Weld
    • Source Laser Welding
    • Nitinol Laser Weld
    • Nitinol Plasma Weld
    • Plasma Welded Medical Wire