We know the quality you expect when you place your first order with Strand. We make it our business to exceed your quality standards every time. We welcome your special requirements that require custom procedures, inspection processing, or testing documentation.

The core of the Strand Products quality program is training, discipline, and above all, pride in workmanship. To this end we are determined to use the best tools available in the industry. Strand utilizes sophisticated MRP software to ensure procedures are rigorously followed, with traceability maintained throughout permitting verification at every level.

Strand Products recognizes that the disciplines of quality, health and safety, and environmental management are integral parts of our management function. We view these as a primary responsibility and fundamental to good business practice.

FDA Registered: 3004869378
US/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP): 0068543
DUNS: 556721074
AS9100 Rev. D / ISO 9001:2015: FM533803
ITAR Reg. Code: M20089
DD-2345 (JCP): 0068543