Wires, Strands, and Cables

At Strand Products we firmly believe that for a given application, there exists a unique wire, strand, or cable optimized to meet your constraints. These may include abrasion resistance, bending fatigue, push-ability, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, lubrication, chemical resistance, shelf life, or thermal gradient of working environment. Materials and mechanical properties of individual filars within strands can be varied to produce a product specific to your requirements.

Attachment of Fittings

An assembly is only as capable as its attachments. We have extensive experience welding, crimping and swaging onto unique and challenging configurations including monofilament wires, nitinol, Vectran®, Kevlar®, Spectra® and Dyneema® .

Our engineering team will assist you with just about any application wherein a wire, strand, or cable is employed to apply a torque or linear motion. We have extensive and intimate knowledge of the benefits and limitations of materials in varied end use environments. With a fresh perspective on design and the ability to draw on historical success, we can take your ideas and concepts to functional prototypes.

Types of Design Assistance

Mechanical Cable Design Assistance

Mechanical Wire Rope Design Assistance

Mechanical Wire Rope Design Assistance

Wire Rope Design Assistance