Corporate Culture Manifesto

We value collaboration, integrity, enthusiasm, humility, empathy, respect, and accountability as co-workers, as professionals, and as humans. We promote these cultural competencies in ourselves and each other.

We Build Relationships

We build relationships with customers and co-workers.  We serve our clients as well as our other team members. We listen and work together to achieve the best result for their needs. We are part of a group. The combined efforts and skills make our company valuable and successful. One cannot produce what we can provide as a group. Cohesive teams not only add to, but multiply our output, productivity, and profits. One’s weakness is another’s strength. We support each other and combine our knowledge. Team-oriented learning benefits all stakeholders and ensures our sustainability. Unified and inclusive teams will succeed. To unite we must commit to developing an attitude of diversity, humbleness, awareness, and curiosity about others. We must demonstrate cultural intelligence and resilience.

Collaboration, Effective Communication, and Active Listening

We encourage collaboration that focuses on effective communication and active listening. Active listening promotes respect and understanding. We endeavor to hear not only the words that others speak but more importantly the complete message. We turn conflict into opportunity. When teamwork occurs, conflicts may arise in our human relationships. We pledge to respond positively, learn from each other and our mistakes, and to be accountable and responsible. It is developing assertiveness, setting our boundaries and limits while collaborating and supporting each other. This balancing act is a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence, as well as respect for yourself and others. It is also confidence and creativity, and it is essential to create a safe space for all of us to be our best selves. Continual improvement is part of our mission. If we don’t change, nothing will change, there will be no growth. To improve, we must do something new, something different. This creates new dynamics and it is not always easy. That’s when resilience and flexibility must take place. We encourage change, from learning and adapting, to new methods and ideas, to new team members, to new markets and customers. Our openness to change enables our growth as individuals, as a team, and as a company.