Celebrating over 40 years…

Strand Products was founded in 1972 by Gordon F. Smith and Rudy Gomez, under the name HELISTRAND to service both the mechanical and electrical wire and cable industries. Services included stranding, over braiding, extrusion, coiling, and assembly. Plastic coated, coiled self-retracting bicycle locks and dog leashes were among the earliest mechanical products manufactured by HELISTRAND. The firms first patent was filed in 1972, for Self-Coiling Wire Cable, US Pat. No. 3756008.

In the early 1990s, the founding fathers were ready to retire and decided to split the organization into two. HELISTRAND retained the manufacturing capabilities for multi-conductor electrical cables, and STRAND PRODUCTS retained the mechanical cable business.

Strand Products, Inc. Incorporated in 1991

STRAND PRODUCTS, INC. was incorporated in 1991 at which time James R. Wilson joined the organization. In 1993, Mr. Wilson negotiated the purchase of the Smith family holdings by the employees in the form of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Since 1997, Strand Products has been a 100% employee owned S-corporation ESOP.

Today, Strand leverages the most sophisticated software and technology to provide a wide variety of wire and cable related services to markets across the globe. As an ESOP, Strand ‘s employees are highly motivated and genuinely concerned for the performance of the firm because every employee has a vested interest. The employees at Strand are driven with the understanding that their personal success is directly correlated with the success of Strand Products.