Swage Assembly Configuration

High Tolerance Mechanical Wire and Stranded Cable Assembly

Strand Products, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high tolerance mechanical wire and stranded cable assembly. Strand swage assembly configuration utilize stranded and single filar wire from Ø.003″ to Ø.375″in diameter.


Ball Swage Assembly Configuration | 0.090” 0.018”

0.090” Dia. 7×7 304sst Cable With Se 1×7 Nitinol Core. 0.250” Dia. Sst Ball Swage. Medcoat 2000 Coated. 900 lb Uts.

0.018” Dia. 8×19 Tungsten Cable With 0.034” Dia. Sst Ball Swage Chain. Spacing is 0.125” +\- 0.005”. Ball Tensile Strength 45 lbs.

0.006” Dia. 316lvm 1×19 Cable with 0.026” Dia. Sst Ball Swage. Assembly Tensile Strength 7 lbs.

0.006” Dia. Se Nitinol Wire With 0.026” Dia. Sst Ball Swage. Assembly Tensile Strength 5 lbs.


We know the quality and workmanship you expect when you place your first order with Strand. Our ability to inspect and test everything we manufacture in-house, ensures we exceed your quality standards every time. The core of the Strand Products quality program is training, discipline, and above all, pride in workmanship. Strand utilizes sophisticated MRP software to ensure procedures are rigorously followed, with traceability maintained throughout permitting verification at every level. Quality Certifications held by Strand Products, Inc. include AS9100, and ISO9001:2008. ISO13485 for select products. FDA Registered #3004869378.

Ball Swage Assembly Tensile Strength


At Strand we apply sophisticated work order tracking to allow us to track each assembly every step of the way and ensure that all process requirements are met through the production cycle. Our accurate assessments of costs allow us to make necessary changes and respond to the needs of our customers, ensuring exceptional quality, on time delivery, at lower prices.


Strand Products, Inc.’s swage assembly configuration is done in-house, which means, we practice “Just in Time” inventory management, and supply to many customers implementing JIT Kanban systems. We can stock your parts to minimize lead times, address production schedule changes, and answer all your manufacturing requirements. Should an unexpected need arise, we have the capabilities to deliver parts, quickly.

Swage Assembly – High Tolerance Mechanical Wire and Stranded Cable Assembly

Materials include Inconel, Nitinol, Stainless, Tungsten, Elgiloy, Brass, and various polymers. Industries include medical, aerospace, automotive, and military. In-house capabilities include design assistance, testing, process validation, cleanroom assembly, crimping, swaging, laser & plasma welding, passivation, barcoding and packaging. Certifications held include AS9100 Rev. D, ISO9001:2015, QML-6117, FDA, and ITAR.