Swaging and Crimping Capabilities – Strand Products, Inc.

Fitting Wires and Cables with Calculated Accuracy, Precision and Reliability

Our success lies in our ability to attach fittings onto wires and cables with calculated accuracy, precision, and reliability to achieve the maximum tensile strength and exact tolerances from your assemblies.

Swagging and Crimping

Niche Abilities to Meet Difficult Tolerances and Configurations

At Strand, we pride ourselves in our niche abilities to meet difficult tolerances and configurations that our competitors are not capable of achieving.

Achievable Tolerances:

After Swage Diameter ± .0005″

Assembly Length ± .002″

Swaging and Crimping Capabilities – Strand Products, Inc.

Swaging and Crimping Manufacturer

Our facilities are comprised of pneumatic, hydraulic, manual, and mechanical presses to fulfill all swaging and crimping requirements for cables ranging from Ø0.003” to Ø0.313”

Cable Assembly Diameter Capabilities:

Ø0.003” to Ø0.313”

For extremely high tolerance applications, a number of process controls including load applied and speed allow for maximum repeatability.

Types of Swaging and Crimping – Strand Products

Strand Products provides a full suite of swaging and Crimping capabilities, which are critical in many wire assemblies, with precision and accuracy to achieve maximum tensile strength for your assembly.

Types of Swaging:

  • Wire Rope Swaging
  • Strand Swaging
  • Cable Swaging
  • High Tolerance Swaging