Designing Your Path To Innovation

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Step 1: Consult

Our customer service manager, Phillip, is on-call to assist your with the initial steps of your design path. He’ll schedule a time for a technical consultation. You’ll have our team of our engineers at your disposal to advise and help guide your project along.

Step 2: Collaborate

Ready to start your design process?

We believe that collaboration is the key to any truly successful project. Your ideas deserve to be heard, and our teams are here to listen, assisting with technical direction as needed.

We created this sample pack* to get your wheels turning and help you explore the building blocks of ingenuity.

* Other sample materials are available upon request.

Order A Sample Pack

Beaded Strand Systems

Spherical ball-end feature on flexible strands and cables. Uniform composition, contiguous volume.

Materials: Tungsten, Nitinol, 304SST

Beaded Wire Systems

Semi-rigid wires and tubes with spherical ball-end feature. Uniform composition, contiguous volume.

Materials: Nitinol, Titanium, 304SST

Advanced Mechanical Assemblies

Cleanroom processed mechanical cable and cord assemblies.

Materials: Vectran, MP35N, Tungsten, 304SST

Step 3: Connect

We’d love to see you at one of these Tradeshows

We’d love to discuss your project with you in person. Catch us at any of the following tradeshows or secure an appointment in advance.

February 2024

Anaheim, CA

November 2023

Santa Clara, CA

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October 2023

Santa Clara, CA

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September 2023

Boston, CA

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